Our Sustainability Statement

We are very conscious of our obligations to the environment and adopt as green a policy as possible in the sourcing and supply of our products. We integrate environmental values into our decision making processes by considering the environmental impact of our actions and reasonable alternatives to those actions. Our policies include:

  • Paper Recycling: We re use all our paper and as much cardboard as we can by shredding it and using it in our packaging.
  • Sourcing Locally: Where possible we source as much of our the products that we supply from local and UK manufacturers
  • WEE: We encourage our customers to be more environmentally responsible about the manufacture, use and disposal of electrical items by adopting the WEE policy.
  • Low Energy Light Bulbs: To reduce our carbon footprint our business uses low energy light bulbs wherever possible.
  • Carriers: We insist on using carriers like Royal Mail and DPD who have active environmental policies. We recognise that as a mail order company reducing our carbon foot print is an essential part of our environmental policy.