Cakes Made to Order

Bespoke cakes for all occasions.

High quality, hand crafted cakes

  • Adult Birthday Cakes
  • Children’s Birthday Cakes
  • Engagement Cakes
  • Christening & Baby Shower Cakes
  • Anniversary Cakes
  • Cupcakes

If you can supply as much information as possible when requesting a price

  • A design, theme or picture of the cake of your choice
  • Sponge type Vanilla / Chocolate
  • How many portions are needed (approximately)
  • Size of cake
  • Shape of cake
  • What colour scheme you would like
  • What wording you would like
  • Date of collection


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What cake sizes do you sell?

We offer two cake sizes: 8" (20 cms) and 10" (25.5 cms) in diameter. All cakes are 3.5" (9.5 cms) tall.  All cakes come on a board that is generally 2 inches bigger than the cake size (this may change in some cases depending on the shape or decorations of the cake).

How many slices are there per cake?

That depends on the size of slice that you want to serve. A Large Slice (220g)is your standard cake slice which is perfect if you are only serving cake and not other desserts (approx size: 2” x 1” x 4”).  The Small Slice (110 g), it’s half of the large slice and is what you traditionally see served in birthday parties, weddings and special occasions (approx: 1” x 1” x 4”)

Our 8" cakes serve 10 Large or 20 Small slices
Our 10" cakes serve 15 Large or 30 Small slices


How shall I store the cake?

Before cutting the cake: All cakes should be kept inside the box and stored in a cool dark place on a flat sturdy surface, please do not put the cakes in the fridge before cutting it as they will dry out and the decorations and colours may lose their quality as a result of the low temperatures and humidity.

After cutting the cake: please store it in the fridge, preferably in a sealed container to preserve its freshness and enjoy within 5 days from the delivery date, we recommend to leave the cake outside the fridge for 30 minutes before enjoying it.

Can I freeze my cake? Yes, you can freeze your cake after cutting it, please use a sealed container and enjoy within 3 months.

How long will it last?
Your cake will last 5 days from the delivery date as soon as it is kept in the fridge after cutting it.


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